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Long Branch Mayor John Pallone. (Photo: NJ Globe).

Pallone, council incumbents win re-election unopposed in Long Branch

Pallone defeated incumbent Adam Schneider in 2018

By Joey Fox, May 10 2022 8:01 pm

The New Jersey Globe projects that Long Branch Mayor John Pallone and his entire slate of council incumbents have won re-election unopposed. 

Way back in 1990, Adam Schneider was elected mayor, and Pallone – the younger brother of U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-Long Branch) – won a council seat on Schneider’s ticket. But the relationship between Schneider and the Pallones soon soured, and John ran against the incumbent in 1994, losing by a modest margin.

In 2010, after nearly two decades out of public office, Pallone won his council seat back, and in 2018 he launched a second mayoral bid against Schneider, who at that point was in his 28th year as mayor. Pallone recruited one fellow member of the council, Councilwoman Mary Jane Celli, to join his slate alongside newcomers Rose Widdis, Bill Dangler, Mario Vieira, and Anita Voogt.

The final results weren’t close. Pallone beat Schneider by an astonishing 62-33% margin, and all five of his council candidates won by sizable amounts as well. Schneider’s loss was in part attributed to his support for prominent Republicans like Gov. Chris Christie and State Sen. Jennifer Beck (R-Red Bank), who were far from popular in strongly Democratic Long Branch.

This year, Pallone, Celli, Widdis, Dangler, Vieira, and Voogt all ran for re-election without a single opponent filing against them.

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