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State Sen. and Union City Mayor Brian Stack. (Photo by Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe).

Stack, commissioners win re-election unopposed in Union City

Mayor is known for GOTV operation, even when uncontested

By Joey Fox, May 10 2022 8:01 pm

The New Jersey Globe projects that Union City Mayor Brian Stack, an electoral giant in Hudson County politics, has won re-election unopposed alongside his slate of four incumbent commissioners: Wendy Grullon, Maryury Martinetti, Lucio Fernandez, and Celin Valdivia.

Technically, Stack himself is also a commissioner and ran on the same ballot as his running mates, but he will undoubtedly be chosen once again for the post of mayor by the commission.

Stack was first elected to the mayoralty in 2000 and won a seat in the State Assembly in 2003, before politicians were barred from holding two offices simultaneously; those who already held multiple offices, like Stack, were grandfathered in. Stack moved up to the State Senate in 2008, and now chairs the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee.

This year marks the third cycle in a row Stack and his commission slate have run unopposed, but the mayor has become famous for running an intimidating get-out-the-vote operation even when he’s not running against anyone. In 2018, he got 11,211 votes, a huge sum for an uncontested race in May.

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