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Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi at the Columbus Day Parade in New York on October 8, 2014 (FACEBOOK PHOTO)

Despite controversies, Gross scores a solid win

By Nikita Biryukov, November 07 2018 5:28 am

Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi faced an uncharacteristically tough reelection race this year, but she still squarely came out on top, defeating Democratic challenger Shala Gagliardi by about eight points, 54%-46%.

Grossi received 96,739 votes, while 81,374 cast ballots for Gagliardi.

Grossi has been the subject of some controversy over the past several months. First, a Superior Court judge ruled she failed to follow election law by allowing Morris County Committees to set the number of signatures needed to get onto the ballot.

Title 19, the portion of New Jersey law governing elections, requires such a number of signatures be no less than 5% of the total votes cast in the most recent State Assembly primary district – no less than one, but no more than 10.

She was in court again a short while later after Dover Democrats sued because primary election ballots in the town were not bilingual whereas sample ballots sent out for that election were. Grossi came out on top there.

Then, her office sent a Mount Arlington to a voter who lives in Mountain Lakes.

It’s worth noting that Grossi recused herself from election matters this year, deferring those responsibilities to her deputy, John Wojtaszak, because she was up for reelection.

Finally, Grossi’s own employees endorsed Gagliardi.

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