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Democratic candidate for Morris County Clerk Shala Gagliardi

Grassroots group endorses Gagliardi

Chatham Moms want honest election process

By David Wildstein, October 18 2018 11:35 pm

Chatham Moms for Change, a grassroots organization with over 800 members, has endorsed Shala Gagliardi for Morris County Clerk.

Gagliardi, a Chatham attorney, is challenging embattled Republican incumbent Ann Grossi.  If she wins, she would be the first Democrat to serve as county clerk since before the Civil War.

The organization said the race for clerk is about “ensuring the integrity of our elections.”

Grossi is facing several obstacles in her bid for a second term.  In April, a Superior Court Judge said that she illegally instructed municipal clerks on nominating petition procedures, and in June was criticized for forgetting to print ballots in Spanish for the primary in Dover, when 69.4% of residents are Hispanic.

On Sunday, a voter from Mountain Lakes complained that her husband had received a vote-by-mail ballot from Grossi for Mount Arlington just as he was preparing to leave the country until after November 6.

“From Morristown to Dover to Butler and Pequannock and all towns in between, Shala has been meeting with Morris County residents to hear and understand their issues,” the Chatham Moms statement said. “She has made it a point to meet with as many constituents as possible, so she understands their concerns and can see where change needs to be implemented.”

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2 thoughts on “Grassroots group endorses Gagliardi

  1. Same old and tired attacks to advance an agenda. In the time Ann Grossi has been Morris County Clerk, she has modernized the services her office offers to the residents of Morris County. For example, the reporting of election night returns has been greatly improved, the website allows for a user friendly experience, a one stop passport service has been instituted and Ann has cooperatively worked with area businesses to create Operation Giveback, where these businesses provide discounts to veterans. Transparency, improved technology and a greater offering of programs sounds like a job well done to me! Furthermore, Ann is visible around the county and always willing to speak to voters and answer questions.

    I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ann Grossi for 10 years. She is a consummate professional, good person and has greatly improved the services offered by the Morris County Clerk’s Office. She deserves re-election.

    1. Who cares what you think, C? When you’re not even willing to put your name behind your words, we really can’t give them much weight. Ann Grossi has make one major blunder after another. It’s time for a change.

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