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Golden: ‘Curley should have resigned’

GOP chairman challenging petitions of incumbent running as independent

By Nikita Biryukov, June 22 2018 7:09 pm

Monmouth County’s top Republican called for the resignation of Monmouth County Freeholder John Curley on Friday.

“John Curley should have resigned,” said Monmouth Republican chair Shaun Golden. “He knows, and everyone around the county, particularly, understands what he’s done and what he’s failed to apologize for. He’s shown no remorse in his actions, shown no apology in his actions and certainly the freeholders did what they thought they had to do to protect county employees.”

Curley is running to reelection as an independent following his being dropped from the ticket after receiving a censure from his fellow freeholders over sexual harassment allegations leveled against the three-term freeholder.

Curley will face Hazlet deputy mayor Sue Kiley, who ran unopposed for the Republican nomination.

There are some concerns that Curley, a Republican before being cast out, could siphon votes from Kiley in the general, paving the way for a Democrat to take the Republican seat.

Golden, who is also Monmouth County Sheriff, wouldn’t address those concerns when asked about them on Friday.

He did address accusations of corruption leveled at him and Monmouth County Clerk Christine Hanlon by Curley, who claimed earlier Friday that Hanlon’s involvement in a challenge to the Curley’s nominating petitions posed a conflict of interest because she is co-chairwoman of the Monmouth Republican party.

But Golden saw the challenge as routine.

“Petitions are challenged all the time. We know that when people file, when other candidates file, all the petitions are looked at and screened,” Golden said. “We saw irregularities in his petitions, so we asked the county clerk to look at those irregularities.”

That challenge succeeded in knocking more than 100 signatures off Curley’s petitions, but even if all the signatures challenged had been invalidated, Curley would not have been dropped below the 100-signature threshold needed to run.

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