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Photo by Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

Golden slams Curley’s independent candidacy

By David Wildstein, June 05 2018 7:13 pm

The top Republican in Monmouth County launched a harsh attack on Republican freeholder John Curley, who filed today to run as an independent after losing party support for re-election.

“That John Curley has the audacity to seek reelection after disgracing himself, and his office, while costing Monmouth County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to defend against his litigation, shows that he is tone deaf and only puts himself first- not the taxpayers of Monmouth County,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden, the Republican county chairman.

Curley was dropped from the Republican ticket after being censured by his colleagues on sexual harassment allegations.

“I am shocked that when announcing his Independent candidacy Curley would invoke the names of former Freeholders Ted Narozanick and Barbara McMorrow- two individuals that displayed class and integrity throughout their terms as Freeholders,” Golden said. “What’s worse is that John Curley is bilking the taxpayers by enriching himself with premium health benefits paid for by the county for a part time job.  Monmouth County voters have had enough of Curley’s bad behavior.”

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