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North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco, center, files 10,492 signatures on his re-election nominating petitions.

Massive number of voters sign Nick Sacco petitions

Nearly one out of three voters sign petitions to re-elect North Bergen mayor

By David Wildstein, March 08 2019 12:53 pm

In an extraordinarily impressive show of grass roots support, North Bergen mayor Nicholas Sacco collected 10,492 signatures on his nominating petitions to run for re-election in the May non-partisan elections.

Sacco got about 2,000 more signatures than he did votes in his 2015 re-election campaign, which he won with 63% of the vote.

The number of signatories on Sacco’s petitions represents more than 78% of the total votes cast in the entire election four years ago.

Basically, nearly one out of three registered voters in North Bergen signed Sacco’s petitions.

Sacco faces a rematch with his 2015 opponent, businessman Larry Wainstein.

“This outpouring of support from all over our community is a testament to the hard work our team has done not just in the last month gathering petitions, but in the last four years building on our past success and continuing to lead North Bergen forward,” Sacco said. “I am honored to receive this unprecedented level of support and I thank each and every one of the residents who signed our petition and agree that we must continue moving North Bergen forward.”

Since each member of the Sacco slate filed individual petitions, the total number of signatures filed was 53,460 between the five candidates.

The record for petition signatures in a non-partisan municipal race likely belongs to Sharpe James, who filed with over 30,000 in his 2002 re-election bid against Cory Booker.   Newark is more than four times the size of North Bergen.

Sacco filed 28 boxes of petitions with the municipal clerk.  He was accompanied by commissioners Hugo Cabrera, Frank Gargiulo, Allen Pascual and Julio Marenco along with his campaign chair, freeholder Anthony Vainieri, co-campaign Managers Rishi Mehta and Adamarys Alonso Galvin, and North Bergen Democratic municipal chairman John Belluardo.

Sacco has served on the North Bergen governing body since 1985 and has been mayor since 1991.  He has served in the New Jersey Senate since 1993, when he ousted incumbent Thomas Cowan (D-Jersey City) in the Democratic primary.

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