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Hamilton Mayor Jeff Martin

Yaede the top fundraiser in Hamilton mayoral race

Incumbent mayor has $68k banked

By Nikita Biryukov, May 31 2019 4:10 pm

Hamilton Council President Jeff Martin out-raised both Republican mayoral candidates in his bid to take control of the town’s executive branch, according to 11-day pre-primary reports filed with the Election Law Enforcement Commission.

Martin raised $18,442.92 over the last few weeks and had $44,306.38 in his war chest.

Incumbent Mayor Kelly Yaede brought in the least over the period with $2,995 raised, though she finished with $68,373.91 banked, the most of any candidate in the race.

Yaede’s primary challenger, David Henderson, has not filed his 11-day disclosure form.

Despite Martin’s recent edge, Yaede’s fundraising for the cycle comes close to tripling his.

She’s brought in $153,644.03 over the race’s duration, while Martin’s collected $55,222.92. Henderson’s fundraising total is

These numbers reflect where the primary campaign spending was last week and do not include expenditures or fundraising after Memorial Day weekend.

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