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Is Samuel L. Jackson coming to Linden? Scutari is skeptical

Derek Armstead consultant linked to e-mail invitation

By David Wildstein, June 04 2019 5:54 pm

State Sen. Nicholas Scutari says that the Attorney General’s office will investigate an e-mail invitation claiming that actor Samuel L. Jackson will be in Linden tonight as part of an election night celebration for Mayor Derek Armstead.

“An email went out earlier today offering the opportunity to meet Samuel L. Jackson in exchange for photographs of marked ballots in support of Column C. Every part of this electioneering activity is illegal, from exchanging something of value for votes, to taking photographs of marked ballots within a voting booth, to what I assume is fraud,” Scutari said.  Count me wrong on that last part if anyone sees Samuel L. Jackson in Linden tonight.

Scutari said that he believes Column C campaign manager and consultant Jim Devine, the husband of Union County Surrogate candidate Lisa McCormick, is behind the e-mail.

The New Jersey Globe called a phone number associated with the e-mail address of the sender and reached Devine, who promptly hung up.

“That Team Armstead has stooped down to such absurd lows is just another desperate step in a pattern of behavior that includes misuse of public resources, nepotism, and more. We cannot call this kind of behavior out when it comes from Donald Trump without maintaining consistency at the local level,” said Scutari.  “This is not an innocent prank; this is an attempt to manipulate voters and influence the outcome of an important election.

Scutari said that “proper authorities, including the Attorney General’s office, have been alerted of this issue, and they are en route to investigating.”

“We simply want to let the voters know so they are not misled into participating in criminal election activity,” the senator said.

An attorney representing the Linden Democratic Party has also written to the Attorney General.

Jackson’s manager did not immediately return a 4:47 PM e-mail seeking confirmation of the actor’s attendance.

Samuel L. Jackson complaint

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