Armstead endorses Antoine in Roselle

Linden Mayor Derek Armstead is trying to expand his political base outside his hometown, endorsing Archange Antoine for the Democratic nomination for mayor of Roselle. “Roselle is a community in need of a leader who will put the best interest of Roselle first and foremost. Archange is that leader,” Armstead said. “I have witnessed Archange’s dedication and involvement in Roselle since his days on the Roselle Board of Education and

Linden library spat ends after publicity

The Linden Library’s Board of Trustees pulled a scheduled meeting to discipline and possible fire Theresa Villani, who is the vice president of the city’s school board. “Once I put it out public, they withdrew the hearing, and my job is no longer in jeopardy today as of literally 10 minutes ago,” Villani told the New Jersey Globe. The short-lived spat may be a continuation of a feud between Linden

Special Edition: June 2018 Primary Election

  Special Edition: June 2018 Primary Election The Year of the Ground Game (Editor's Note: Most names are listed in alphabetical order.  For the most part, candidates who won an election are not listed as winners and those who were unsuccessful are not among the losers -- that kind of list would demonstrate a severe lack of creativity.  Instead, this list is about those who benefit or suffer because of

Ten mayoral primaries to watch

Ten primaries for mayor worth watching: Berkeley Heights: Mayor Robert Woodruff faces a GOP primary challenge from Tom Maciejewski. Chester: Mayor Janet Hoven faces a Republican primary challenge from councilman Tim Iverson. Englewood: Mayor Frank Huttle is not seeking re-election.  The Democratic primary features former mayor Michael Wildes against Huttle’s candidate, Democratic municipal chairman Phil Meisner. Garwood: Three-term mayor Charles Lombardo faces a Democratic primary challenge from three-term councilwoman Sara