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Linden Mayor Derek Armstead

How a Linden mayoral vacancy is filled, just in case

By David Wildstein, February 22 2019 4:09 pm

If Linden Mayor Derek Armstead is convicted of assault charges, the city could see election for mayor in November to fill his unexpired term.

The process of filling the vacancy is the same as the one used a few times a year, every year, throughout the state.

Upon Armstead’s resignation of removal — if it comes to that — council president Michele Yamakaitis would become the acting mayor.

The Linden Democratic County Committee would submit the names of three candidates for interim mayor to the city council, who must pick one of the three.  If they don’t, the local Democratic Party would vote to select one of the three names.

If Armstead departs before April, there would be a special primary election in June to nominate Democratic and Republican candidates for the general election.  If he leaves after that, the local party organizations would pick the nominees.

The interim mayor would serve until the results of a general election are certified.

The winner of the special election would then fill the remaining 38 months of Armstead’s term.

State Sen. Nicholas Scutari is the Linden Democratic municipal chairman and controls a majority of county committee votes.  (In a special election for county chairman last winter, Scutari won 50 of 70 votes in Linden.)

The prospect of a special election for mayor could create a citywide contest for county committee seats – something that may happen even without Armstead’s legal woes.

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3 thoughts on “How a Linden mayoral vacancy is filled, just in case

  1. He stinks as the town Mayor! He puts in his preacher act and fooled a lot of voters, but if you ever met him one on one you will realize he is not but a two faced liar. He has misappropriated town funds by giving himself a huge raise, not only a raise but a retroactive one too! He should be put in jail and I think they need to look into the deals he did with the Meridia Apartments and the new super Walmart going in. The town taxpayers are footing the bill for them and I think if a investigative probe his done they will find that somewhere a payoff was done.

  2. Best mayor Linden has ever seen. Super Walmart means jobs. Apartment complexes are being built. He’s constantly in the streets working for his city. He grew up in Linden. He loves Linden and Linden loves him.

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