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Toohey announces mayoral bid

By Nikita Biryukov, February 06 2019 6:02 pm

Point Pleasant Councilman Tom Toohey announced he would run for Mayor Stephen Reid’s seat if, and only if, the latter wins the primary race for retiring Assemblyman David Wolfe’s (R-Brick) seat.

“I love Point Pleasant Beach, and as a Councilman I am indebted to our residents for their support over the last five years,” Toohey said. “As a neighbor, I am humbled by the outpouring of encouragement over the last few weeks, and as a husband and father I am blessed to have a family who unequivocally backs my commitment to our community every day. With the encouragement of my wife Suzanne, I would like to announce my intention to run for Mayor.”

Reid, Council President Tom Vogel, Councilman Bob Santanello and Councilman Andy Corte are backing Toohey’s bid.

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One thought on “Toohey announces mayoral bid

  1. I once saw this man abuse a severely emotionally/developmentally disabled person by screaming “spaz” “spaz” at him louder and louder…egging on the victim as the victim tried harder and harder to punch his fist through a glass wall. Remember like it was yesterday and still makes me sick. Not just that. I witnessed this man being just as hostile and abusive to many others over a long period of time. Textbook abuser. Sees weakness, attacks and enjoys. I cannot believe his other than councilman job includes him having power over young people in positions of weakness. If he becomes mayor, I fear Reid’s indiscretions will appear quaint. I feel like other people must remember events like this as well.

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