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The acting mayor of Elmwood Park, New Jersey, Daniel Golabek

Elmwood Park acting mayor slams GOP call for resignations, new elections

Golabek says Democrats won without vote-by-mail ballots

By David Wildstein, April 30 2019 11:53 am

Newly-installed Elmwood Park acting mayor Daniel Golabek says that Democrats won clear victories at the polls for the last three years and said it’s “preposterous” that a Republican mayoral candidate wants the winners to resign and fill the seats in a 2019 special election.

Former councilwoman Maggie Giandomenico, now a candidate for mayor, called for resignations and new elections his morning, one day after Francisco Caramagna was charged with tampering with mail-in ballots and resigned as mayor.

Democrats would have won the last three elections without any of the vote-by-mail ballots being counted, according to Golabek.

“Taking mail in ballots completely out of the equation, the Elmwood Park residents made very clear, resounding choices based on the platform and stances of the candidates,” Golabek said. “There is no question here. In 2018, (Doris) Wechtler defeated Giandomenico by 638 votes purely at the polls and in 2017, (Louis) Vuoncino was defeated by (Sandra) Balistreri by 160 votes purely at the polls.”

Golabek criticized Giandomenico for jumping on the issue without reading the criminal complaint against Caramagna, which has not yet been released.

“Giandomenico’s decision to not wait for any concrete facts of this matter clearly demonstrates that she is a political opportunist looking to take a slice of the headlines during an already difficult period in the borough,” Golabek said.  “One of the core tenets of leadership is speaking with responsibility and reason. This reckless call for new elections is irresponsible and not grounded in the law, math, or logic.

Golabek claims that Elmwood Park voters have suffered through decades of “stagnant and mediocre governing” by Republicans.

“We will continue to deliver progress to our residents because that is what they deserve and to do anything less would be a disservice to our entire community,” he said.

“This week will be tumultuous but once the dust settles, the residents will continue to see the fruit of our labor and our vibrant vision for progress become a reality. We will not waver from our commitment to moving Elmwood Park forward in a progressive direction,” said Golabek.

“The priority now is smooth transition of government, not petty politics.”

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2 thoughts on “Elmwood Park acting mayor slams GOP call for resignations, new elections

  1. If ballot fraud took place , it makes you wonder what else was done. The argument of a 160 vote wining margin does not hold water. For example if there are 300 to 400 mail in ballots that are in question. And you take 100 mail in votes from one candidate and assume they might have gone to the losing candidate that would equates to a 200 vote difference in favor of the losing candidate.

  2. Can’t wait to move out of this town. There is nothing worse than being surrounded by mindless sheep who vote for a 23 year old career politician.

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