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Elizabeth police director James Cosgrove

NOW seeks Cosgrove ouster

By David Wildstein, April 30 2019 12:31 pm

The National Organization for Women of New Jersey wants Elizabeth police director James Cosgrove out after a Union County prosecutor’s office probe found that he regularly made racist and misogynistic slurs to his staff.

“Cosgrove routinely used the ‘n-word’ and the ‘c-word.’ This is especially shocking in a minority-majority city like Elizabeth where a large percentage of the population Cosgrove is charged with serving is comprised of people of color,” a NOW-NJ statement said.  “The silence from Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwage, the only one with the authority to fire Cosgrove is both deafening and unacceptable.”

Attorney General Gurbir Grewal called for Cosgrove’s resignation last week.

“Bad behavior by the men in power in a police department is hardly something new. I faced similar harassment and gender discrimination for twelve years in my workplace. I did not feel like I had a voice,” said Elena Gonzalez, the NOW-NJ board secretary.  “In a county that prides itself for having a female-majority on its Freeholder Board, the fact that this kind of behavior can go unchecked at its county seat is incomprehensible. I urge the elected officials in Union County to become the voice of the citizens and the police officers of Elizabeth who are seeking change and do the right thing.”

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