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Dover incumbents file for recount

One alderman lost by 6, another by 19

By David Wildstein, June 14 2018 9:53 am

Two Dover incumbents who were defeated in the June 5 Democratic primary have filed for a recount.

Alderman Thomas MacDonald finished 19 votes behind challenger Humberto Quinones for the Second Ward seat, while Alderman Ronald Camacho lost to Carlos Valencia by 6 votes.  Quinones and Valencia ran as part of an insurgent Dover First slate that had the support of Morris County Democrats.

According to court documents, MacDonald and Camacho say that errors were made in the count – standard language in a motion for a recount.

Another incumbent, Michael Picciallo, was defeated for renomination by Dover First candidate Sandra Milena Wittner, by a 176 to 126 vote.  Picciallo is not seeking a recount.

Republicans do not have any candidates running in the general election.

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Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the candidates on the Dover First slate.

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