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Downtown Millburn. (Photo: Township of Millburn).

Despite split in party, Democrats hold Millburn committee seats

Democratic councilwoman ran for re-election as an independent

By Joey Fox, November 09 2022 2:50 am

The New Jersey Globe projects that Democrats Michael Cohen and Annette Romano have won two seats on the Millburn Township Committee, despite a split in the local Democratic Party that seemingly jeopardized their chances.

As of 2:50 a.m., Cohen and Romano each have 23% of the vote, while Republicans Frank Saccomandi and Oyin Owolabi have 21% and 20%, respectively.

Councilwoman Diane Thall Eglow, a former Democrat who ran for re-election without party support, and her running mate David Morrow were far behind at 7% and 6%.

Millburn is in most cases solidly Democratic, voting for statewide and federal Democrats by margins of at least 30 points. But like many other blue-leaning suburbs, the town is more competitive on the local level, and that was especially true this year thanks to Thall Eglow’s defection from the party.

The Democratic victories mean the township committee will remain 5-0 Democratic.

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