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Evesham Councilwoman Heather Cooper (left), Mayor Jaclyn Veasy, and Councilwoman Patricia Hansen. (Photo: Veasy Cooper Hansen for Evesham).

Democrats retain control in Evesham

Democratic mayor, two councilwomen re-elected

By Joey Fox, November 09 2022 2:44 am

The New Jersey Globe projects that Democrats have held onto control in Evesham, with Mayor Jaclyn Veasy and Councilwomen Patricia Hansen and Heather Cooper all defeating Republican opponents.

As of 2:44 a.m., Veasy leads Republican Dennis Mehigan 54%-46% for the mayor’s office, while Hansen and Cooper (both 27%) lead Republicans Bonnie Olt and Michael Thompson (both 23%) for two council seats.

Democrats flipped control of Evesham in 2018, with Veasy, Hansen, and Cooper all winning in close races. The township, Burlington County’s largest municipality, generally votes for federal and statewide Democrats by modest margins, including for Gov. Phil Murphy last year by around three points.

But with an expensive 3rd congressional district race at the top of the ticket, Republicans were able to make the race for control of the local government competitive.

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