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Mercer: Democrats sweep Hamilton, pick up a seat in Hopewell, hold everywhere else.

Dems take full control of NJ’s 9th-largest municipality

By Nikita Biryukov, November 05 2019 9:11 pm

Hamilton: Council President Jeff Martin defeated Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede Tuesday, giving Democrats full control of the state’s 9th-largest municipality.

Martin’s running mates, Pat Papero and Nancy Phillips won the two council seats up for election this year, defeating Republicans Richard Balgowan and Vincent Capodanno

With 58 of the town’s 64 districts reporting, Martin leads Yaede 9,624 votes to 7,459.

Papero won 9,687 votes, while 9,348 pulled the lever for Phillips.

Balgowan and Capodanno have secured 6,886 and 6,794 votes, respectively.

Democrats’ victory in Hamilton’s toxic mayoral race leaves Hightstown Councilman Lee Stults and Hopewell Borough Council President Schuyler Morehouse as Mercer County’s only elected Republicans that won their seats in partisan races.

The race for mayor was marked by controversy around Yaede.

Following a fractious primary against gadfly David Henderson, Yaede and her campaign manager were charged with knowingly releasing Henderson’s expunged criminal record through a blog run by Yaede associates.

Hopewell Township: Democrats picked up a council seat here after Courtney Peters-Manning ousted Councilman John Hart, 2470-2,208.

Mayor Kristin McLaughlin was the top vote-getter with 2,507 ballots cast in her name.

Republican Edward Jackowski ran in last place with 2,087 votes.

Hightstown: Planning Board Member Joseph Cicalese defeated Republican James Eufemia, 590-298, to win an unexpired term on the borough council.

Democratic Incumbents Steven Misiura and Joshua Jackson ran unopposed.

Lawrence: Democrats easily defeated Republican challengers to hold three council seats here.

Incumbent Cathleen Lewis got 4,171 votes, while Councilman Michael Powers got 4,156.

John Ryan, a Democrat running for former Councilman David Maffei’s seat, got 4,055 votes.

Republicans Robert Pluta, Philip Joseph Vinch III and Joseph Vinch got 2,368, 1,801 and 1,810 votes, respectively.

East Windsor: Mercer County Democratic Chairwoman Janice Mironov and her slate easily won re-election in East Windsor, more than doubling the number of votes received by their Republican challengers.

Mironov, who is East Windsor Mayor, ran in first place with 3,254 votes.

Incumbent Marc Lippman got 2,994 votes, while Councilman Peter Yeager got 2,983 and Councilman John Zoller got 2,941.

Republican Paul Hummel got 1,212 votes. Vincent Stottlemeyer got 1,220 votes. Anna Lustenberg had 1,293 ballots cast in her name.

Steven Uccio ran in last place with 1,181 votes.

Robbinsville: Incumbents easy won re-election in a non-partisan race in Robbinsville Tuesday.

Councilman Dan Schuberth ran in first place with 2,261 votes, while Councilwoman Christine Ciaccio got 2,138, and Councilman Ronald Witt got 2,036.

Roland Allen, Paul Kranz and Rakhi Upadhyay got 918, 1,029 and 977 votes, respectively.

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