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Mercer County Democratic Chair Janice Mironov, the mayor of East Windsor, and her opponent, Ewing Councilman David Schroth

Mercer Democrats having an Iowa kind of evening

Massive technical difficulties with virtual vote to elect new county chair

By David Wildstein, July 28 2020 9:01 pm

Huge technical glitches in tonight’s vote for Mercer County Democratic chair election have created massive delays and causing some Democrats to complain that the irregularities might necessitate a new election.

Incumbent Janice Mironov faces a challenge from David Schroth in her bid for re-election to a second term.

Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson rebuffed a move by two Ewing Democrats and Schroth to postpone tonight’s vote, saying that the technology being used was inconsistent with party rules.

Slightly before 7:30 PM, party officials announced that there was one minute remaining in the voting.  They said some county committee were still waiting to vote before the tele-town hall meeting was abruptly ended at 7:49 PM without any results being counted.

Mercer Democrats announced that voting remains open until 10 PM and can be cast by text or email.

Schroth told the New Jersey Globe that “widespread” voting problems might create a lack of confidence in the integrity of a vote being conducted virtually through Election Buddy.

“It is the concern we had going into this.  It is why we were in court for what we now see were well-founded concerns,” Schroth told the Globe.  “I have received multiple reports that people were properly registered were told by Election Buddy that they were not in the system.”

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