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Cumberland County Republican Chairman Michael Testa, Jr.

Testa wants voter ID added to ballot reforms

By Nikita Biryukov, December 20 2018 12:50 pm

State Senate Candidate Michael Testa on Thursday called for Gov. Phil Murphy to add a voter ID provision to a slew of voter-access reforms Murphy announced support for on Wednesday.

“A statewide Voter ID law would require any potential voter to provide photo identification at the polls or accompanying their Vote-By-Mail ballot the same as they would when renting a car, buying a six pack, or getting on an airplane,” Testa said.  “This is a commonsense step that would give each and every citizen confidence that our voting system is free from fraud or manipulation.

“Moreover, I would be supportive of a companion bill that provided state funding to provide state or county-sanctioned photo ID’s to any citizen that doesn’t otherwise have one.”

Among Murphy’s proposals were ones to allow early in-person voting, same-day voter registration and allowing those on parole or probation to cast ballots.

Testa, who is Cumberland County Republican chairman, said he opposes giving voting rights to those convicted of felonies.

The Republican also called for the first legislative district’s Assembly Members, Bob Andrzejack and Bruce Land, to support the voter ID proposal.

Andrzejack is the frontrunner for Rep.-elect Jeff Van Drew’s State Senate seat and will likely run against Testa for the remainder of the term next November.

“Democrats like Bob Andrzejack and Bruce Land control the Governorship and both houses of the legislature,” said Testa. “They can make this happen if they want to.  Failure to do so means they – and they alone – need to be held accountable in November.”

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