Legislature passes minimum wage bill

Trenton Democrats sent a $15 minimum wage bill to Gov. Phil Murphy’s desk Thursday. Murphy said on Twitter that he intends to sign the bill on Monday. The measure, which would raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2024 for most workers in the state, passed the Assembly 52-25. “Today, both the Assembly and Senate passed legislation to help working-class families across our state. We are standing up

Testa wants voter ID added to ballot reforms

State Senate Candidate Michael Testa on Thursday called for Gov. Phil Murphy to add a voter ID provision to a slew of voter-access reforms Murphy announced support for on Wednesday. “A statewide Voter ID law would require any potential voter to provide photo identification at the polls or accompanying their Vote-By-Mail ballot the same as they would when renting a car, buying a six pack, or getting on an airplane,”

If Van Drew wins, here’s what comes next

If Jeff Van Drew is successful in his bid for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives this fall, it will set up a series of moves for the legislature next year.  Republicans may see greater opportunities in the State Senate and Assembly seats, especially with the absence of a logical heir apparent to retiring twelve-term Rep. Frank LoBiondo. Van Drew would need to resign for the State Senate

PBA back bi-partisan corrections bill

PBA 105 President Brian Renshaw applauded the passage of S1651/A796. The bipartisan bill, which cleared the Senate and Assembly calls for the title of State corrections officers to be renamed “Both sides of the aisle need to be recognized for their efforts on this issue and I want to thank both houses for passing this bill,” said Brian Renshaw, President of Local PBA 105. “During the academy, State corrections officers