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Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi at the Columbus Day Parade in New York on October 8, 2014 (FACEBOOK PHOTO)

Grossi sends voter wrong VBM ballot

Mountain Lakes resident gets Mount Arlington ballot

By David Wildstein, October 14 2018 2:30 pm

Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi has sent a vote-by-mail ballot for Mount Arlington to a voter who lives in Mountain Lakes.

Chris Doyle Gemici posted on Facebook that her husband is leaving tomorrow for a month and opened his mail-in ballot to find that it is the wrong one.

Alex Gemici has contributed $5,400 to Democrat Mikie Sherrill, who is running for Congress in the 11th district, according to records filed with the Federal Election Commission.  Chis Doyle Gemici has donated $3,567 to Sherrill.

While Mountain Lakes is in the 11th, Mount Arlington is in the 7th, where Rep. Leonard Lance faces former Assistant U.S. Secretary of State Tom Malinowski.

The Nov. 6 election includes races for Borough Council in both municipalities.  Both districts have competitive elections for the U.S. House of Representatives.

One election law expert told the New Jersey Globe that Gemici’s ballot would be invalidated if he returned it since his vote would have been cast from the wrong town.  Now Gemici faces the possibility that he will be disenfranchised, since he is not returning to the U.S. until after Election Day.

Grossi could open her office today to process a correct ballot for Gemici and deliver it to him.

Grossi did not immediately respond to a 2:01 PM call and text message seeking comment.

Grossi’s deputy, John Wojtaszek, answered his cell phone but hung up on the call.

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3 thoughts on “Grossi sends voter wrong VBM ballot

  1. Please vote this incompetent woman out in November and replace her with someone that knows what they are doing. Shala Gagliardi is someone that I have known as a highly qualified, responsible professional. Gagliardi will restore. accountability and integrity. to the Morris County Clerk’s office.

  2. This is the most ridiculous line of attack I’ve ever heard! You attempt to convey the message and assumption to the reader that the municipality error on the ballot was politically motivated. You also attempt to convey a sense of apathy by Ann and her office in responding to the ballot error. What you fail to mention is that the legal requirements of the Murphy Vote By Mail law has put all 21 County Clerks under extreme pressure to fulfill the legal requirements by specific deadlines, as well as the fact that Ann’s office has rectified this situation. Clearly there is an agenda here.

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