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Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede

Charges against Yaede dismissed

Martin: ‘This is just another in a long pattern of lies in which she has been caught’

By David Wildstein, September 20 2019 2:44 pm

A municipal court judge today dismissed charges against Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede for deliberately publishing records against her GOP primary opponent that she knew had been expunged.

“I look forward to getting back to the business at hand and serving my constituents of Hamilton into the next term without distractions from politically motivated sham investigations,” Yaede said in a statement to The Trentonian, which has dominated coverage of the legal matter in recent weeks.

Yaede told the Trentonian that she was sure “the people of Hamilton will not be fooled by this nonsense.”

“The same vigor that led me to prevail against these groundless allegations, will continue in my commitment to the citizens of Hamilton,” Yaede said.

Robin Kay Lord, Yaede’s attorney, has asked the Mercer County Prosecutor to issue an apology.

“Despite my protestations to the contrary, your office continued to prosecute my client for an offense that does not exist under the law,” Lord wrote in a letter to Prosecutor Angelo Onofri that appeared on the Trentonian website.

Lord cited a Department of Justice policy of not filing charges against a candidate for public office this close to Election Day “out of fear of interfering with the electoral process.”

I am dumbfounded as to why your office continued this frivolous prosecution of Mayor Yaede in the face of clear precedent identifying it as baseless,” Lord said.  “I am asking that you issue a public apology immediately in an effort to level the playing field that your frivolous prosecution.”

Council President Jeff Martin, who is challenging Yaede’s bid for a third term, suggested that the decision of the Ewing judge will have little bearing on the upcoming election.

“What this case really showed us is the lengths Kelly Yaede will go to lie and mislead the public,” Martin said. “We learned that Mayor Yaede conspired and directed her campaign to intentionally lie and mislead voters and the public at large.”

Martin slammed Yaede for what he called a history of fabricating stories.

“This is just another in a long pattern of lies in which she has been caught,” said Martin.  “She lied to the public about problems at the animal shelter; about public health and safety inspections of our restaurants; and about scandalous actions by her campaign. It’s time to end the lies, clean house and restore Hamilton’s image.”

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