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Middletown Demcoratic Township Committee candidate Jeana Sager

Middletown candidate caught saying cops are criminals

Democrat Jeana Sager told marijuana activists she needs to be careful what she says, so she can get elected

By David Wildstein, September 20 2019 3:21 pm

Middletown Mayor Tony Perry is calling on Democratic Township Committee candidate Jeana Sager to withdraw from the race after she was caught on a Facebook video saying that police officers are criminals who should not play a role in fighting the opioid crisis.

Sager told a group of marijuana advocates that she “needs to be careful” what she says during the campaign so she can get elected, but pledged to replace drug treatment centers with syringe access centers and syringe treatment facilities, according to a video posted on More Monmouth Musings, a news site that covers local politics.

“I do need to be careful because if I do want to make office, I need to actually get elected,” said Sager.

Perry also wants Sager’s running mate, Sean Byrnes, to “denounce her hateful comments.”  Sager and Byrnes are challenging incumbents Kevin Settembrino and Rick Hibell.

“Ms. Sager’s comments are both disgusting and dangerous. I cannot fathom how any individual seeking public office can make such statements when the role she desires would work so closely with the incredible men and woman of our police department,” Perry said.  “Especially when Middletown was recently ranked as the safest town in New Jersey and one of the safest in America.”

“There won’t be a war on drugs because heroin is just another substance that people enjoy.  Like caffeine, nicotine, pasta and soy burgers,” More Monmouth Musings said about Sager’s remarks.

The video was obtained by the website from the Facebook page of Edward “Lefty” Grimes, who is described as a “marijuana activist.”

“As Mayor, I am demanding that Ms. Sager withdraw her name from consideration for the Middletown Township Committee and I call on her running mate to denounce her hateful comments,” Perry said.

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7 thoughts on “Middletown candidate caught saying cops are criminals

  1. They are criminals they just cover up there crimes and get paid to take advantage of the people which is a crime in its self … I know a bunch of cops and I know a a lot of things that they do illegally Like drinking and driving all the time . You’ll see them at a bar or house party and leave wasted and speed out of bar parking lots like the law doesn’t exist to to them and some do drugs and have low down party’s at there house with other officers . They’ll have what ever kind of drug you want spread out on tables and they have a month to get clean when they get warned they’re be a drug test in a month plus I grew up with many that said they will deal drugs on the side while being a officer of law and they are living up to that dream and if someone talks we the people will get harassed and possibly killed if someone is so called ratted out and there is a lot more cops do that’s criminal ….

  2. Is that where the Democrats of Middletown are today? Who would support that as a primary agenda item…good luck with that!

    1. Exactly Pat , looks like everyone is headed for stupid . I was a middle of the road guy because I thought it was good idea . Best of luck in 2020 Trump will win again due to stupid remarks like this

  3. I think the cops and D.E.A are criminals i think if anyone shouldn’t be allowed to combat the opioid problem it is them…the motto of both agencies is arrest and jail not help…Nobody gets clean until they are ready making things like harm reduction and treatment available is the best option and how do we pay for it ?you might want to consider cutting their budgets for jailing and raids and everything else they abuse and put it towards the things mmuch more needed

  4. Are you kidding me? Legalize all drugs? Oh thats great have strungout people all over the place. What you want to thin the heard by having people o d all over the place. Wake up lady.

    1. Yo Perry! “Hateful” or TRUTHFUL?! You’re either an idiot, complicit, or blind. You have a former junky/drug dealer patrolling the streets right now. The hypocrisy is astounding! Your PIG used to sell ME weed for Christ’s sake. I’d also like to address the 1st comment of which the author clearly failed “reading comprehension” as nowhere was it stated nor even implied that anyone was purporting to legalize “drugs.” That’s a rather broad category. Educate yourselves. I smoke marijuana daily and it’s a hell of alot better than the other options out their for my condition. Perhaps you should reserve your clearly uninformed, ignorant comments until you’ve walked a mile in my Loub’s. I’m going to wake and bake before work so I can continue to pay to support these hypocrites and their spawn’s schooling. Speaking of which, cops kids are often the worst! Where do you suppose they learn that there are 2 sets of rules and that consequences don’t apply to them?! You can’t be that deluded, can you?! I’ve yet to find a drug that could make me sound that stupid. I suggest you get off that soapbox and anything else you’re on because you’re making yourself sound like a MORoN.

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