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Atlantic County Freeholder John Risley, left, with former Brigantine Mayor Phil Guenther. (Photo by Nikita Biryukov)

Atlantic GOP puts no money into LD2 in Q3

Mazzeo, Armato get $3,751 in campaign signs from county party

By Nikita Biryukov, October 21 2019 3:56 pm

The Atlantic County GOP didn’t spend any money on the second legislative district’s Assembly challengers in the third quarter of 2019, according to filings with the Election Law Enforcement Commission.

The Atlantic County Republican Committee raised $8,006.00 on top of $43,003.70 it already had banked. The county party spent $24,598.46, but none of that money went directly to the campaigns of John Risley or Philip Guenther, who are seeking to oust Assemblymen John Armato and Vince Mazzeo.

The bulk of the Republican organization’s spending $12,398.46, went to operating costs.

Of the $12,200 that the ACRC sent to candidates, $10,250 went to Republican freeholder candidate Sumon Majumder, who is running to oust Freeholder Earnest Coursey.

The county Democratic party fared better in its fundraising this quarter, bringing in $25,418.87 on top of the $11,589.51 it had banked at the start of June.

The Atlantic County Democratic Committee spent slightly more than its Republican counterpart, doling out $27,629.76 over the quarter.

The Democratic party made $285.25 in monetary contributions to the campaigns of Coursey, freeholder candidates Steve Light and Nick Polito and Northfield Councilwoman Susan Korngut, who is running for county executive.

The party also fielded $1,500 in digital ads for each of the four, as well as about $677 in campaign signs for the four candidates.

Mazzeo and Armato got $3,751.71 worth of signs from the ACDC.

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