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Mendham Township Deputy Mayor Sarah Neibart
Sarah Neibart. (Photo: Sarah Neibart).

Sarah Neibart won’t seek Assembly seat

Mendham Township deputy mayor will focus on local budget, building non-profit

By David Wildstein, March 22 2019 4:51 pm

Mendham Township deputy mayor Sarah Neibart has decided not to seek the Republican nomination for State Assembly in the 25th district this year.

One of the Republican Party’s rising stars, Neibart told the New Jersey Globe that she wants to focus on the local budget in Mendham Township and focus on her non-profit, Citizens for Accountable Taxation.

Neibart’s decision to stay out of the race leaves three contenders for Michael Patrick Carroll’s open Assembly seat: Denville councilman Brian Bergen; Aura Dunn, who served as Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen’s district director; and special assistant Morris County Counsel John Barbarula.

Assemblyman Anthony M. Bucco (R-Boonton) is seeking a sixth term, and Neibart says she plans to work on his re-election campaigns.

Neibart, 27, was appointed to fill a vacancy on the township committee last year.  She easily won a full-term in the November general election.

She is well-known in New Jersey Republican circles as an operative.  Neibart was deputy campaign manager for Bob Hugin’s U.S. Senate race and ran Rep. Scott Garrett’s 2016 re-election bid.

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One thought on “Sarah Neibart won’t seek Assembly seat

  1. Neibart barely won her bid in Mendham Township, a town that was deep red until 2017. Her only qualifications are that she knows big-wigs in the GOP and her father in law is loaded. She would have been embarrassed in the Primary.
    (Also, the harping about “Deputy Mayor of Mendham Township” is hilarious, the Deputy Mayor of Munchkin City has more power and prestige than her)

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