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Burlington County Sheriff Jean Stanfield, right, and Assemblyman Ryan Peters

Peters, Stanfield fundraiser set for Thursday

Candidates facing an off-the-line bid by Asm. Howarth

By Nikita Biryukov, May 15 2019 12:52 pm

Assemblyman Ryan Peters and former Burlington County Jean Stanfield will hold a fundraiser in Lumberton Thursday.

Tickets to the event at Gleneayre Farm in Peters’s hometown of Lumberton start at $250, though attendees can pay $1,000 to join the host committee and $2,600 to become an event sponsor.

Peters and Stanfield are running in a contested primary against Assemblyman Joe Howarth, who was dropped by the Burlington County Republican Organization over a belief that he attempted to switch parties along with State Sen. Dawn Addiego when the latter defected earlier this year.

Howarth is now mounting an off-the-line bid for a third term in the Assembly as a MAGA Republican in an attempt to keep his seat.

Peters has a cash advantage over Howarth going into the final weeks of the eighth district’s primary contest.

The assemblyman reported raising $94,786, while Howarth brought in $76,710.

Peters, a first term Assemblyman, has $33,227 in his war chest. Howarth has $24,517 banked.

Stanfield, who entered the race late, brought in $24,338 and has $19,825 on hand.

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