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Assemblyman Herb Conaway (D-Moorestown).

Holley’s stance on vaccines not winning friends in Assembly, Conaway says

By Nikita Biryukov, February 03 2020 2:50 pm

Assemblyman Herb Conaway suggested Assemblyman Jamel Holley’s opposition to a bill eliminating a religious vaccination exemption wasn’t winning him any friends in the legislature’s lower chamber.

“You said that, not me. But you’d be right,” said Conaway, who chairs the Assembly Health Committee.

Holley has been the vaccine bill’s chief opponent in the Assembly.

He lobbied members of the Legislative Black Caucus against an amended version of the bill that lawmakers aimed to pass the day before the end of the lame duck session. That bill failed to win enough support in the Senate.

Last week, prominent anti-vaccine activist Robert Kennedy held a fundraiser for Holley and met with members of the LBC to discuss anti-vaxx arguments.

It’s not yet clear whether Holley’s opposition to the vaccine bill will affect his chances at re-election, but a dissatisfied leadership team could complicate the contest.

“Well, let me just say that it is unusual for someone to come out against the held and demonstrated stance of the presiding officer in his house and the majority of the members in the house of which he serves,” Conaway said. “As to re-election, I have no comment on that, but I would just say his actions are rare. I wouldn’t say they’re unprecedented, but they are rare.”

Any real challenge would come during a primary.

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21 thoughts on “Holley’s stance on vaccines not winning friends in Assembly, Conaway says

  1. What a preposterous stance by Dr. Conway! I’m proud that MY Assemblyman (Holley) has the courage to stand for parental and religious rights and anti segregation. We elect officials to represent “us” not to make friends amongst themselves!

  2. When you speak Truth, don’t worry about making enemies, those were never your true friends anyway. We need more people who will stand up for what is right over merely looking at for their own political agenda. The people have your back Mr. Holley!

  3. In his last quieter, does Herb actually mean that Holley chose to upheld his oath on constitution and serve his people instead of serving Herbs’s agenda? Herb Conaway couldn’t even answer simple questions about his bill when presented in front of assembly. Which should have been thought through before passing something as serious as stripping people of their religious and medical right, not to mention a full on discrimination and segregation of children!

  4. Very impressed with Holly and the only thing rare here is when an elected official actually works to uphold the best interests of the people. Politics has gotten so ugly and Holly is a breath of fresh air!
    I am a registered Republican but what Holly is doing is preserving the rights of the citizens! This all republican voters will support and he will win even the republican’s votes on this!

  5. What is rare? That he is standing up against Big Pharma and supporting religious and medical freedom?? Or, is it rare for a government official to go against the current and do the right thing? He has the ingredients of what makes a hero. Maybe other officials should take notes.

  6. Well seems to me this is the problem with Jersey politics. Basically how dare he stand up for what he thinks is right and go against the boss man. He is there to be a voice for the people not a tool of the machine of Jersey Democrats and their corruption. Good for him taking a stand for a minority group being attacked by it’s own govt. Mr Sweeney is busy going to war with the citizens, it’s time a warrior stood up against him.

  7. Instead of falling into lockstep with corrupt party leadership which seeks to remove religious liberties, parental rights, personal and medical freedoms, Assemblyman Holley’s integrity is indeed rare. I am not at all surprised to hear that Assemblyman Herb Conaway doesn’t understand this level of integrity. His allegiance to his party and their deep-pocketed special-interest donors have apparently caused him to become willfully blind.

    Rest assured Representative Holley, you are indeed making friends. We will not forget you. Thank you for your courage, and your integrity.

    Barry Milazzo – Father of a Vaccine Brain-injured Child

  8. Asm. Conaway does not appear to understand how much love ( and $$$) Asm. Holley is getting from the people of NJ right now, because he has earned their adulation and respect. I predict that Asm. Holley will win re-election easily. I’m not as certain about Asm. Conaway’s re-election prospects, however. When you stand up for the people (over industry), the people stand up for you. Funny how that works….

  9. Well Conway thinks a child getting 30-50 vaccines in 6 months is safe. Yes he’s supports the catch up schedule being mandatory in that short period of time. It’s on video. The catch up schedule would be every vaccine the child has missed before they could attend school. Even California law allows children years to do this.
    Your article keeps labeling people as antivaxxers. This is used as a pejorative and incites hate. I have screenshots of multiple people calling for “antivaxxers” to be murdered. That includes women and children, obviously. One post states their throats should be slit and then let them bleed out. This person doesn’t hide their face or name.
    One sided articles like this are not helpful. When someone is killed remember whose side you were on.


    When proposed legislation threatened the pharmaceutical industry during NJ’s opioid crisis, he testified that:

    “INDIVIDUAL DOCTORS SHOULD DETERMINE HEALTH DECISIONS, NOT LAWMAKERS. Either you believe that the government can practice medicine or you don’t,” Conaway said.”


    However, when proposed legislation supports the pharmaceutical industry to remove parental rights regarding medical decisions through his Assembly Bill A3818 and Senate Bill S2173, he believes:



  11. How is this not a conflict of interest for CONaway?? He’s a pediatrician who stands to profit from his own law! And all of the shills who show up to his hearings to testify (lie) about the safety and efficacy of vaccines will also profit from this law—especially the American Academy of Parasites, …Pediatrics!

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is a trade organization that represents pediatricians. Their only focus is to keep pediatricians employed—and well fed. Your child is a means to that end. Nothing more—no matter what they proclaim. The APP is not a benevolent organization, except to pediatricians.

    Here’s the real reason why the American Academy of Pediatricians and their member-pediatricians pressure parents into vaccinating their children. It’s not about keeping your child healthy—it’s all about the money!


    Blue Cross/Blue Shield will give your pediatrician $400 for each child in their practice who is fully up to date on their vaccines by age 2. But the practice has to maintain a 63% fully vaccinated rate (including flu vaccines that have been proven not to work!) or else they won’t receive the payout. This is why pediatricians are throwing parents/children out of their practice for not vaccinating. Unvaccinated kids affect the ratio—50/50 and he doesn’t get his bonus. So clearly it’s not about your child’s health at all. It’s all about profits.

    If the average pediatric practice has 1,000 children, that’s a bonus of $400,000! That’s on top of what the pediatrician receives for office visits. That’s a HUGE incentive to push vaccines at every visit. And when more and more parents are waking up to the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines, this eats away at their “incentives”.

    Want proof?—
    Read page 15 of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Physicians “Performance Recognition” Manual—


  12. I am so thankful to hear such refreshing representation of the people and not special interests. He gets it. Consensus has been wrong many times in history and Pharma didn’t find Jesus only for this section of its products.

  13. CONaway has to be reminded that bullying is a criminal offense. Vaccines are the only medical product that the producer is not liable for it. It can’t be forced on people. Simple as that. Where there’s risk, there should be a choice. Not Big Pharma greed.

  14. The men who signed the constitution of the United States did not win friends in the English government. They fought for the rights of the people and they won the war. Sweeneys war is a war of tyrants over the people he will never win in the end. The hardest thing you will ever do Mr. Holly is to fight for the peoples rights

  15. From California I SUPPORT YOU AND YOUR VOICE OF SANITY AND REASON. IF their magical shits work they shouldn’t be worried with their invisible sheet of armor right? If anything immunocompromised should take heed of the newly vaccinated that she’d. I support those who CHOOSE to vaccinate however some reason they fear unvaccinated who haven’t been contaminated or infected. Thank you sir for being the voice of so many

  16. Thank you Assemblyman Holley. I for one am so thankful for you. You clearly heard the people, did the research, & you responded as one who understands your responsibilities to the constitution of the US and NJ. NJ voters have spoken and I believe in the next election, regardless of the lopsided district map, the people whill remove corrupt politicians. You will be moving forward. God will bless you exceedingly and abundantly far more than you can think or ask for you are standing strong and courageous while protecting the children He created, honoring the responsibility parents have and respecting freedom of religion. Thank you Assemblyman Holley.

  17. So glad to see a few statesmen are still in government. We have tons of Politicians like CONaway. So few like Mr. Holley.

  18. Holley would be a candidate for the profile in courage award. Conaway deserves the failure of do diligence award. Being a legislator is not about winning friends; its about doing what is morally right.

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