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Former Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi (R-Vineland)

Fiocchi: Andrzejczak should explain Rain Tax vote

By David Wildstein, February 07 2019 1:24 pm

Sam Fiocchi wants State Sen. Bob Andrzejczak (D-Middle) to explain why he voted for a bill Republicans have dubbed the “Rain Tax.”

Andrzejczak supported legislation that allows local governments to charge property owners a fee for upgrades to stormwater systems.

Fiocchi a former assemblyman, is seeking the Republican nomination for State Senate in the 1st district.

“This is bad law that not only taxes New Jerseyans even more, but also gives municipalities the ability to create more debt through the issuance of bonds to create stormwater utilities,” Fiocchi said.  “Naturally, that additional debt will lead to even higher taxes in one of the highest taxed states in the nation.”

Fiocchi urged Gov. Phil Murphy not to sign the bill.

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