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Former Garwood Mayor Pat Quattrocchi

Quattrocchi predicts Democrats will make Rain Tax permanent

By David Wildstein, September 26 2019 2:25 pm

Republican Assembly candidate Patricia Quattrocchi has pledged not to vote for any bills that would raise taxes if she unseats incumbents James Kennedy (D-Rahway) and Linda Carter (D-Plainfield) in the heavily-Democratic 22nd district.

Quattrocchi, a former Mayor of Garwood, is predicting that Kennedy and Carter will vote to make the Rain Tax permanent if they get re-elected.

“If the Democrats continue to hold the majority in the assembly I believe that implementing this “Rain Tax” will become mandatory sometime in 2020,” said Quattrocchi.  “Just as the incumbents did in January 2019 by voting yes on this travesty of a law Carter and Kennedy will also vote yes when the bill is amended.”

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