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Former Assemblyman Samuel Fiocchi (R-Vineland)

Fiocchi attacks Andrzejczack over rental tax

Assemblyman voted against the measure

By Nikita Biryukov, January 22 2019 4:10 pm

Republican state Senate candidate Sam Fiocchi attacked Sen. Bob Andrzejczack over a tax on short term rentals passed last year that some fear will negatively impact the state’s shore tourism industry.

“Now that we’ve hit the time of year folks are booking vacation rentals residents are learning of a new rental tax that passed during last year’s budget deal,” Fiocchi said. “Renters and owners are both upset, and rightly so. Any new tax in the highest taxed state in the nation is hurtful.”

The tax amounts to an 11.625% surcharge on short term rentals like Airbnb and those employed by many landlords along the state’s coast.

Andrzejczak voted against the measure when it came before the legislature during June’s budget negotiations, but that doesn’t appear to be enough for Fiocchi.

“It doesn’t matter, an Assemblyman or a state Senator, you have a responsibility to stand up for the people of your district. Voting no is not enough, Bob Andrzejczak’s no vote was likely just a free pass,” Fiocchi said. “Speaking against, using the bully pulpit of your position to encourage others to vote no, that’s real leadership and it is exactly what our current legislators in LD1 failed to do.”

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