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Former Assemblyman Samuel Fiocchi (R-Vineland)

Fiocchi attacks Murphy as a campaign line

By Nikita Biryukov, January 17 2019 3:56 pm

Republican State Senate candidate Sam Fiocchi is making Gov. Phil Murphy a target for his campaign, claiming the governor ignores South Jersey because of a lack of leadership in the first legislative district.

“We know at least $1.2 million was removed from the Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs in the state budget … It doesn’t matter how the legislators from LD1 voted on the budget, what matters is they didn’t fight to keep that money in the Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs,” Fiocchi said. “Even worse, that’s half the money the governor has set aside to help illegal immigrants with legal defense and we’ve had nothing but silence on this issue from our legislators in the district.”

Fiocchi and Cumberland County Republican Chairman Michael Testa are competing for the chance to take on newly-sworn in State Sen. Bob Andrzejczak.

Andrzejczak replaced Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who left the statehouse before being sworn into Congress on Jan. 3.

“The bottom line here is Gov. Murphy is going to continue to ignore South Jersey for as long as there is a lack of leadership,” Fiocchi said. “I’ve served this district as an Assemblyman, I know what’s needed and I intend to go to the State Senate and provide the leadership necessary to meet those needs and ensure no governor ignores South Jersey.”

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One thought on “Fiocchi attacks Murphy as a campaign line

  1. Sam, we need a voice representing South Jersey that will shake up this socialist governor and his sanctuary goaled policies. Stealing money earmarked for veterans to support illegal aliens is immoral! We have a governor that if you put him behind a car wheel, with a GPS, couldn’t find places like Bridgeton, Fairton, Cedarville, Fortescue, Money Island, and the list goes on. We need someone to stand their ground for South Jersey. Van Drew only knew the shore, Andrzejzack is just a Van Drew puppet, we don’t need a puppet, we need a warrior!! I have to check the box saying I am not a robot, can Andrzejzack check one saying he is not a puppet?

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