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Fred Guttenberg with his daughter, Jaiime, who was 14-years-old when she killed in the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on February 14, 2018.

Father of Parkland victim slams Sweeney

Fred Guttenberg praises Murphy, calls Senate President an ‘obstacle’

By David Wildstein, June 02 2019 10:58 pm

Fred Guttenberg, who emerged as a national advocate for gun safety after his 14-year-old daughter was killed in the Parkland mass shooting last year, tonight sharply criticized Senate President Steve Sweeney for standing in the way of Gov. Phil Murphy on gun control issues.

He made his comments Sunday evening after Sweeney took to Twitter to comment on Friday’s shootings.

After this most recent event I have been at a loss for words. My heart goes out to the families of all the victims going through unimaginable pain in Virginia Beach,” Sweeney tweeted.

Guttenberg told Sweeney that Murphy “has been a leader in the fight for gun safety.”

“You have been an obstacle,” Guttenberg said on Twitter.  “Mr. Sweeney, I lost my daughter to gun violence. I recognize your cheap talk in this tweet.  Talk wont prevent gun violence. It is time you work with the Governor and do something.

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