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State Sen. Troy Singleton. (Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe)

‘Dark money’ bill to include a ban on participating by elected officials

By David Wildstein, January 31 2019 10:15 am

Legislation that would require “dark money” independent groups to disclose their major donors will be amended on the Senate floor today to include a ban that would prohibit elected  officials from being involved — directly or indirectly — in any independent expenditure committee.

The amendment appears to directly target Brendan Gill, an Essex County freeholder who runs a non-profit group allied with Gov. Phil Murphy.

The bill sponsored by State Sen. Troy Singleton (D-Palmyra) would require independent organizations that spend more than $3,000 on a political campaign or advocating a position on a bill or regulation to disclose all donors who contribute more than $10,000.  The bill would also require disclosure of how the money was spent.

The Senate will vote on the amendment.  The original bill had been scheduled for a vote at today’s session.

Opposition to Singleton’s proposal has united some strange bedfellows: the American Civil Liberties Union has teamed up with Prosperity New Jersey on this one.

This story was updated at 11:41 AM

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