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Cathy Winterfield, a former Pequannock mayor and councilwoman takes the oath of office in January 2011 (FACEBOOK PHOTO)

Ex-Pequannock mayor joins Morris freeholder race

Will run against incumbents on ticket with Dinsmore and Felegi

By David Wildstein, January 31 2019 10:55 am

Former Pequannock mayor Cathy Winterfield will seek the Republican nomination for Morris County freeholder on a slate with Donald Dinsmore and William Felegi.

They will oppose three Republican incumbents – Doug Cabana, Tom Mastrangelo and Kathy DeFilippo – in the June primary.

Winterfield’s candidacy comes one year after losing her bid for re-election in the Republican primary.  She finished fourth with 18% of the vote.

“Public service is an honor that I take seriously and with gratitude. I am excited to bring my intellect and vision to the whole county and to represent our part of the county that has been underrepresented on the Freeholder Board for decades,” said Winterfield.  “With my commitment to historical preservation and student development, I feel that our team is best suited to serve the needs of Morris County residents for years to come”

Winterfield is a financial administrator at Seton Hall University.

Cabana, Mastrangelo and DeFilippo this week announced endorsements nine of the ten members of the State Assembly who represent Morris County.  Only Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Morris Plains) did not endorse the incumbents.

Four Republican state senators representing Morris are also backing Cabana, Mastrangelo and DeFilippo.  Only State Sen. Joe Pennacchio (R-Montville), the executive director of the Morris County Republican Committee, is not.

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6 thoughts on “Ex-Pequannock mayor joins Morris freeholder race

  1. Took another look at the “Team Morris 2019” endorsements from municipal officials, and it’s impressive how relatively few municipal officials actually endorse the incumbents.
    In fact, MOST municipal officials are NOT endorsing Cabana-Mastrangelo-DeFillippo, according to their own endorsements listing.
    Mastrangelo certainly is a liability to the ticket, so maybe he’s a reason for the relative scarcity of municipal endorsements.

  2. Wow, she couldn’t even get by a primary in her own town. WHat makes her think she would win county wide. Cabana, Mastrangelo, and Defillippo will win in a landslide.

  3. Cabana Mastrangelo Defillippo have over 110 endorsements from mayors and council throughout County (Not Former either) and every gop assemblyman (woman) and senator with the exception of two. They have united the R’s in the county and will win once again.

  4. Fact: MOST municipal electeds are NOT endorsing Cabana-Mastrangelo-DeFillippo, according to their own list.
    In fact, entire Morris County municipalities are absent from the “Team Morris 2019” endorsements. NO endorsements at all from those places, despite the incumbency.

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