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State Sen. Nilsa Cruz-Perez. Photo by Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

Cruz-Perez seeks resignation of top Murphy aide

Camden senator: ‘It’s time for women to hold Governor Murphy accountable’

By David Wildstein, June 07 2019 2:33 pm

State Sen. Nilsa Cruz-Perez (D-Barrington) today called for the resignation of Gov. Phil Murphy’s chief counsel following a legislative panel report that sharply criticized his staff’s handling of Katie Brennan’s allegation that Al Alvarez raped her during the 2017 gubernatorial campaign.

“It’s time for Platkin to go,” Cruz-Perez said in a statement today. “It’s time for women to hold Governor Murphy accountable.”

Murphy is unlikely to follow Cruz-Perez’s demand.

After the release of the report, the governor quickly issuing a full-throttled endorsement of Platkin, one of his top aides and the one personally closest to the governor.

Cruz-Perez pushed back on Murphy’s claim that “the team in my office did what they believed was the right thing.”

“A young woman turned to Platkin and the Governor’s team time and again, asking them to help her after an alleged sexual assault,” the senator said. “But instead of helping Katie Brennan, a bipartisan legislative investigation found that Platkin and the governor’s staff failed her “’every step of the way.’”

The Camden County Democrat said that the state deserves better than a governor who doesn’t hold his top aides accountable.

She pointed to statements by Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg calling the staff’s handling of Brennan’s allegations a disservice to women.

Cruz-Perez is a close ally of Democratic power broker George Norcross, and her comments come as her political organization battles the Murphy administration on a task force probe of tax credits in Camden.

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2 thoughts on “Cruz-Perez seeks resignation of top Murphy aide

  1. The state of NJ has failed many citizens, alongside Brennan. From the women who filed sexual assault claims against mostly male doctors, to doctors who wrote thousands of prescriptions for subsys, oxycotin, etc to patients who only wanted to get jigh (killing a few patients along the way) , doctors who should have but did not recieve permanent license revocation and should have been jailed.

  2. Thousands of NJ residents have filed complaints against nurses and other healthcare workers, only to see their complaints go uninvestigated or investigated with a deliberate partiality to the accused because someone on the nuring board knew the accused and let the accused slide for personal reasons. If you think there are no angels of death out there you are sadly mistaken. And none of the n urses involved in the deaths of the children at the hospital in Wanaque lost their license but they should have. The nurses should have reported their employer was deficient in patinet care but the nurses only came forward after the children died only to save their own skin. Katie Brennan is only one person, she deserved a proper investigation, just like her there are thoousands whose complaints were covered up.

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