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Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp

Mapp endorses Scutari for county chairman

Union Democratic leader is so far unopposed for re-election

By David Wildstein, June 07 2019 12:24 pm

Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp has endorsed Nicholas Scutari for re-election as the Union County Democratic chairman.

At this moment, there are no announced candidates to challenge Scutari.  Fanwood Mayor Colleen Mahr, who ran against Scutari in March 2018, has not yet said if she plans to run.

“Nick Scutari has done a tremendous job as our County Chairman and as the Senator representing Plainfield – and this Primary has been no different. From the moment we filed our petitions to the moment the polls closed last Tuesday, Senator Scutari has been my partner and friend throughout this election,” said Mapp, who also serves as the Plainfield Democratic municipal chairman.  “He stood side by side with me and my team, and on Tuesday we will proudly show up en masse at the Convention to support him for re-election as County Chairman. I endorse him as County Chairman and as Senator.”

Plainfield went for Scutari by a 40-22 vote sixteen months ago.  Mapp picked up county committee seats – perhaps as many as 15 – in Tuesday’s primary election.

Mapp’s endorsement of Scutari for Senate is the second public hint that the incumbent could face a challenge in the 2021 Democratic State Senate primary; Winfield Demcoratic municipal chair Margaret McManus also implied it in her endorsement of Scutari last night.

Privately, some Democrats have said Linden Mayor Derek Armstead is interested in taking him on.

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