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Former Scotch Plains Mayor Martin Marks, left, and Harry P. Pappas, a former Union County Democratic Chairman and Republican Township Committeeman in Springfield. They are running as Independent Conservatives for State Assembly in the 21st district

Conservatives say GOP doesn’t need courteous, civil, bi-partisan Assembly Minority Leader

Marks, Pappas want pro-Trump legislators

By David Wildstein, October 22 2019 9:30 am

A new mailing sent out by Republican Jon Bramnick that touts his “bipartisan leadership” is a reason for conservatives to want him defeated in his bid for re-election, his two pro-Trump, Conservative Independent challengers maintain.

“This is exactly why the Liberal agenda in Trenton has run roughshod over an inept and diminishing Republican presence at our State House. Jon Bramnick is more interested in presenting himself as a courteous, civil, and reasonable legislator working hand in hand with Democrats”, said former Scotch Plains Mayor Martin Marks, who is one of two conservative independents challenging him in the 21st district Assembly race.

Bramnick serves as Assembly Minority Leader.  If he loses his own district, his successor could be one of several legislators who might take a more ideologically conservative stand against Gov. Phil Murphy and the state’s Democratic legislative leadership.

Marks said that “liberals are getting exactly what they want with little or no opposition.

“It’s time for the 21st district Conservatives to elect representatives who will stand up and fight against things such as a 185% gas tax increase, efforts to make our state a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, and an assault on our 2nd amendment rights,” said Marks.  “And if that means at times being perceived as discourteous, uncivil and unreasonable with liberals, so be it.”

Former Springfield Township Committeeman Harry P. Pappas says he and Marks would be “unabashed partisan conservatives” if they get to the State Assembly.

Rick Shaftan, a conservative political consultant who began his career working for Republicans in New Jersey, said on Twitter that Bramnick was part of the “lose with honor” anti-Trump wing of the GOP.

“Bramnick is doing everything possible to urge Trump supporters to back the two independent candidates,” Shaftan said. “There’s no market for a liberal, anti-Trump Republican.”

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