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Former Scotch Plains Mayor Martin Marks, left, and Harry P. Pappas, a former Union County Democratic Chairman and Republican Township Committeeman in Springfield. They are running as Independent Conservatives for State Assembly in the 21st district

Conservative independents slam Bramnick for law firm’s immigration practice

Marks: ‘leave the defense of illegal immigrants to liberal lawyers’

By David Wildstein, October 13 2019 9:12 pm

Two Republicans running as Conservative Independent candidates for the State Assembly in the 21st district say that Jon Bramnick’s law firm is welcoming immigration clients facing deportation and helping clients claiming Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status.

Former Scotch Plains Mayor Martin Marks and former Springfield Township Committeeman Harry P. Pappas said that helping accused sex offenders discredit their accusers is not the only part of Bramnick’s law firm that ought to be criticized.

The two pro-Trump conservatives don’t like Bramnick profiting off defending illegal immigrants.

“If you are living in the U.S. with a green card or visa and are charged with a crime, you must call an experienced immigration lawyer who will fight for your right to stay here,” suggests the firm on jonbramnick.com.  “If the crime does amount to a deportable offense, our attorney can assist in providing your best chance at staying in the country.”

The Bramnick firm also touts their ability to assist immigrants with new programs “thanks to Obama’s Executive Order.”

“This is all coming at a critical time when Governor Murphy’s administration is working to make New Jersey a sanctuary state for undocumented immigrants,” said Marks. “The timing couldn’t be worse, and instead of working against efforts to make our state a haven for illegal immigrants, Republican Leader Bramnick and his firm are apparently doing the opposite.”

Pappas called on Bramnick to “reexamine the type of immigration law being practiced at his law firm.

“Immigrants come to New Jersey seeking a better life. However, all too often, they spend much of their time looking over their shoulder, waiting for a visit from ICE to kick them out of the United States,” the firm’s website says as part of a pitch for business from those living in the U.S. with a green card or visa and are charged with a crime.”

The presence of Marks and Pappas in the race could peel conservative Republican votes from Bramnick in what appears to be a close campaign in a district that is trending more Democratic.

While the Bramnick firm’s position on immigration might help him with moderate voters, it could also cost him votes from supporter of Trump, who this week asked the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down DACA.

Marks and Pappas said that they were pleased the “appalling and troubling” language on the Bramnick firm’s website regarding victims of sexual assault was removed.

But Marks thinks Bramnick should drop his immigration practice.

“There also can be no doubt that by virtue of his political connections and power, Jon Bramnick has built a thriving law practice and made a lot of money doing so,” said Marks.  “There are so many other facets of a law practice where that healthy income can continue. Perhaps it would be best though to leave the defense of illegal immigrants to liberal lawyers and firms in New Jersey.”

Bramnick, who heads the firm, Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, does not practice immigration law.

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