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U.S. Senator Eugene McCarthy campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1968

David Rothschild, 94, was Eugene McCarthy delegate in NJ

Former Millburn Democratic chairman ran on McGovern delegate slate in 1972

By David Wildstein, March 02 2019 4:48 pm

David Rothschild, a former Millburn Democratic municipal chairman and a delegate to the 1968 Democratic National Convention pledged to Eugene McCarthy, died on March 1.  He was 94.

McCarthy won nineteen district delegate seats in New Jersey in the June Democratic primary – a result that was viewed as an embarrassing loss for the Democratic party leaders who had formed an organization slate.  Robert Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey declined to file their own delegate slate, believing that they had a better chance at negotiating with New Jersey Democratic insiders before the Chicago convention.

Rothschild ran on a five person McCarthy slate in the 12th district, which included parts of Essex and Union counties.   He won by less than 1,000 votes against a slate that included former Assemblyman George Miller (D-Scotch Plains), Livingston Democratic municipal chairman Robert Peacock, Plainfield Democratic municipal chairman Frank Ricci, Millburn attorney John Desiderio, and former Essex County Surrogate Adrian Foley, the founder of the Connell Foley law firm.

He ran for delegate again in 1972, this time on a slate pledged to George McGovern.

In that race, candidates ran countywide for fourteen Essex County delegate slots.

The organization slate, which was opposed to McGovern and seeking to nominate Humphrey or another candidate, won 13 of the 14 Essex delegates.  Benjamin F. Jones defeated Howard Rosen for the last seat by 919 votes.

Rothschild was the fifth highest vote getter on the Essex McGovern slate, finishing 1,005 votes behind the winner of the 13th Essex delegate seat, future Roseland mayor Richard N. Leonard.

The Essex organization slate had some big names, including Stephen Adubato, Sr., Sharpe James and Wynona Lipman.  Future Newark city councilman/assemblyman Donald Tucker ran for delegate on a slate pledged to Shirley Chisholm.

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