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Julie Roginsky. Photo by Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe.

Roginsky commends Steinhardt for GOP policy on non-disclosure agreements

National leader on fight against toxic workplace issues cautions Steinhardt to include Trump in his proposal

By David Wildstein, January 17 2020 7:15 pm

A move by New Jersey Republican State Chairman Doug Steinhardt to deny party support to candidates and GOP groups that require non-disclosure agreements has won plaudits from Julie Roginsky, a veteran Democratic strategist and founder of a national organization that protects women from toxic workplace issues.

“No one who has ever worked on any campaign should ever be silenced from speaking out about toxic work issues and, as a lifelong Democrat who has devoted her career to promoting our party’s values, I believe it is vitally important to recognize and applaud leaders on the other side of the aisle when they do the right thing,” said Roginsky.  “To that end, I commend Chairman Steinhardt for using the tools at his disposal to give all campaign workers — and especially Republican women – the opportunity to speak truth to power, regardless of whom they might implicate.”

Last month, Roginsky and another former Fox News political commentator, Gretchen Carlson, formed Lift Our Voices, which is seeking stop corporations and politicians from using NDAs to malign women.

“Chairman Steinhardt is absolutely right that Governor Murphy, the leader of my party, should release women who worked on his campaign from the confidentiality provisions in their contracts, so that they can speak freely about any toxic workplace issues they might have experienced,” Roginsky said.  “That is important precisely so that those who perpetuated that environment are exposed and held to account.”

Roginsky cautioned Steinhardt that “doing the right thing requires consistency, regardless of whom it affects.”

“So as the chairman of the Republican Party in New Jersey, I hope Chairman Steinhardt will be using all the tools at his disposal to call out and hold accountable the leader of his own party, President Donald Trump, who has used non-disclosure agreements to prevent workers on his presidential campaign from disclosing toxic workplace issues,” she said.

According to Roginsky, “the #MeToo movement is too important to subject to political allegiances.”

“ I hope that Chairman Steinhardt agrees and that he will be just as vocal about President Trump’s use of campaign NDAs as he has been about Governor Murphy’s,” Roginsky said. “All of us should have the courage to clean up our own house and hold those who promote a toxic work culture accountable — regardless of your political party and especially if you can affect change within your party.”

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