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Operating Engineers push pipeline project

Campaign aimed at seeking Murphy approval

By David Wildstein, April 05 2018 4:51 pm

The Engineers Labor-Employer Cooperative (ELEC) has launched a campaign to convince Gov. Phil Murphy to support the PennEast pipeline project, saying it will offer New Jersey residents a “to clean natural gas energy to keep prices low, avoid rolling blackouts and maintain control over our energy systems in the future.”

The project seeks to run a natural gas pipeline from northeast Pennsylvania to Pennington in Mercer County.  ELEC is chaired by Greg Lalevee, the business manager of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 825.

“We’ve seen disastrous energy policy in other states result in shortages, grid problems and sky-high prices, which hit consumers and ratepayers hard,” said ELEC director Mark Longo. “The Murphy administration has a chance to make this right with a safe, proven project that will have enormous benefits for New Jersey and has already undergone rigorous review by the federal government.”

ELEC will run ads on television, internet sites and social media “to make their voices heard on PennEast.”

“Economic development requires stable and affordable energy – something New Jersey may not have without new, American sources,” Longo said. “Fortunately, the PennEast project provides an opportunity to secure New Jersey’s energy future and avoid the worst-case scenario of high rates and energy shortages. We urge the Murphy administration to listen to the federal government’s direction and advance PennEast now.”

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