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At the height of Watergate, New Jerseyans liked Richard Nixon more than than they like Chris Christie today.

NJ Polls: Christie less popular than Nixon during Watergate

Trump NJ favorables among Republicans is double Christie

By David Wildstein, April 10 2019 5:59 pm

Chris Christie is less popular in New Jersey today than Richard Nixon was four months before he resigned the presidency.

Nixon had upside-down favorables of 19%-77% in an April 1974 poll released by the Eagleton Institute of Rutgers University.  He had started the year at 46%-49%, according to an Eagleton-Rutgers January poll.

Christie has upside-down favorables of 21%-63% in a poll released this week by Rutgers-Eagleton and Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Despite Nixon’s unpopularity, New Jerseyans were split on resignation or impeachment under the backdrop of the Watergate scandal.  Resignation was opposed by a 49%-44% margin, while New Jersey was evenly divided (46%-46%) on impeachment.

The poll released this week shows New Jerseyans preferring President Donald Trump to Christie.  Trump’s statewide approval ratings are at 30%-59%.

Among Republicans, Christie is at 43%-41%.  Trump is at 86%-8% among Republicans in New Jersey.

1974 Nixon Rutgers-Eagleton
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One thought on “NJ Polls: Christie less popular than Nixon during Watergate

  1. Am I missing something? The headline says Christie is less popular than Nixon during Watergate, but that is not what the quoted numbers say: Nixon: 19%-77%, Christie: 21%-63%. (Close, but not less popular.)

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