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The Democratic Governors Association has a new video tying Republican Jack Ciattarelli to unpopular former Gov. Chris Christie. (Image: DGA.)

New DGA video links Ciattarelli to Christie

Democrats: ‘Ciattarelli was Christie’s #1 cheerleader’

By David Wildstein, April 12 2021 10:00 am

The Democratic Governors Association has launched a new video seeking to tie Republican Jack Ciattarelli to former Gov. Chris Christie.

The video uses footage from Ciattarelli’s own ad to show the GOP contender walking backwards, adding a scratched-record sound effect and an image of Christie sitting on the beach while state government was closed.  In contrast, the DGA video speaks to Murphy’s attempt to create a “stronger and fairer” state.

A November 2017 Rutgers-Eagleton poll showed Christie’s favorables at just 13%, with 68% of all New Jerseyans viewing him unfavorably and an upside-down favorable rating of 19%-74%.

Script: “New Jersey was broken under Chris Christie and Jack wants to bring us back. For six long years, former Assemblyman Ciattarelli was Christie’s #1 cheerleader.  He and his family donated $16,000 to boost Christie’s political career. He helped Christie attack teachers, firefighters, and police, and he gutted women’s health care.  He cheered on Christie as New Jersey got 11 straight credit downgrades. It’s time to keep moving forward with Governor Phil Murphy.  He’s making New Jersey stronger and fairer for everyone.  He’s increased funding for our schools, expanded paid family leave, and made the wealthy pay their fair share.  He’s put New Jersey on a path to a $15 minimum wage — to uplift working families and grow our economy.  And he’s making sure our small businesses on Main Street get the support they need to bounce back from the pandemic.  New Jersey can’t afford to go back with Jack.”

“Jack Ciattarelli wants to drag New Jersey backwards into the failed days of the Chris Christie era,” Christina Amestoy, a spokesperson for the DGA.  “Under Gov. Murphy, New Jersey has made tremendous progress on affordable health care, public education, and support for working families. New Jersey can’t afford to go back with Jack — it’s time to move forward and build a stronger, fairer New Jersey.”

POLITICO reported last week that Christie will not take sides in the 2021 Republican gubernatorial primary.

Republican National Committeeman Bill Palatucci told POLITICO that Ciattarelli among the GOP legislators most critical of Christie during his two terms as governor.

“There’s no surprise that the governor and Jack don’t have a close relationship,” Palatucci told the news website. “First of all, Jack didn’t serve in the Legislature all that long and Jack wasn’t a supporter of all of the governor’s initiatives and policies.”

Ciattarelli was elected to the State Assembly in 2011 and served for 75% of Christie’s governorship.

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