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Former Rep. Frank LoBiondo represented the 2nd district of New Jersey in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 2019.

LoBiondo endorses Ciattarelli for governor

By David Wildstein, March 10 2021 9:01 am

Former Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-Ventnor), who served 24 years as a popular congressman from South Jersey, has endorsed Jack Ciattarelli for the Republican nomination for Governor.

“It’s refreshing to see a candidate who is focused on the needs of South Jersey and not afraid to address the failings of the current administration, said LoBiondo, who retired from the House in 2018.  “We have seen the aftermath of the disastrous policies coming from Governor Murphy, and how damaging they have been to the businesses and farmers throughout South Jersey.”

LoBiondo served as a Cumberland County freeholder and assemblyman until his election to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1994.  He did not seek re-election in 2018.

“I am confident that Jack will be a governor who never forgets about us and who will take the time to speak with us about how to better help our local communities,” Ciattarelli.

Since leaving office, LoBiondo has opened his own government affairs firm and is an advisory board member for Mercury, a major public affairs consulting company.

LoBiondo chaired the Aviation Subcommittee and was a member of the House Intelligence Committee.  He also chaired the Central Intelligence Agency subcommittee.

“I’m honored to receive Frank’s endorsement and support in our fight against Phil Murphy,” said Ciattarelli. “He has been a powerful voice for South Jersey and for those who live and work here. As governor, I look forward to working with him and other leaders in the area to get our businesses and schools opened and moving forward.”

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