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Harding Township Committeeman Nicolas Platt

Murphy names Glatt and Platt as Shared Services Czars

Governors picks to ex-Mayors, a Democrat and a Republican

By David Wildstein, May 04 2018 11:54 am

Gov. Phil Murphy has named a pair of former mayors –Democrat Jordan Glatt of Summit and Republican Nicolas Platt of Harding – to serve as New Jersey’s hared Services Czars.

Murphy is pushing to reduce property taxes by encouraging municipalities to forge cost-reducing shared services agreements.  The administration says deals like that have saved more than $28 million since 2011.

“It is imperative for New Jersey’s 565 municipalities to collaboratively pursue shared services so they can operate more efficiently and ensure better delivery of services for our residents,” said Murphy.  “Today, I’m bringing two former mayors together – Nicolas Platt and Jordan Glatt, a Republican and a Democrat, to lead our shared services effort. Both are outstanding individuals with extensive business experience and who have a critically important insider’s view on how our municipalities and counties can successfully share services while reining in costs for our overburdened taxpayers.”

Platt, who had been a potential Republican candidate for Congress until last month, led the efforts to create shared services agreements between five Morris County municipalities.

“This is a bipartisan issue. However, each town is unique and no one knows better how to find savings than the local elected official. Far be it for Mayor Glatt or me to make any decisions on how to do that,” said Platt.  “What the Governor has promised is this: He will put the full power of his office behind helping a municipality provide essential services at a lower cost. We are here to facilitate that.”

Glatt, who served two-terms in Summit, said he was “thrilled to be working to help solve what is one of our state’s major problems – the individual property tax burden.”

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3 thoughts on “Murphy names Glatt and Platt as Shared Services Czars

  1. Gentlemen, Having been in about 400 Township involving Tax Liens I have some working knowledge of local governments. Areas that seem to get no attention are back room operations, many function should be on the county level, we don’t need 565 Tax Collectors nor 565 Tax Assessors. State spends money to create the Equalization Rate should use be used by Township not re-valuations expense every 10 years. Look into the arears that nobody pays any attention, the dull boring stuff, still cost money.

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