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Nearly 70,000 NJ voters register Democratic since Trump election

Dems outpace GOP in April voter registration

By David Wildstein, May 04 2018 12:13 pm

Democrats continue to outpace Republicans in voter registration in New Jersey, gaining 4,843 new voters in April 2018 and 69,951 since the November 2016 general election.  The GOP picked up 1,490 voters last month and 37,686 since Donald Trump was elected president.

The gap grows even wider in some of the politically competitive congressional districts, which could skew actual comparisons of election results since 2016:

* District 11, where 12-term Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-Harding) is retiring, Democrats signed up 443 new members in April and 6,860 since 2016; Republicans gained 142 new members in April and 2,628 since 2016.

* District 7, where Rep. Leonard Lance (R-Clinton) is seeking re-election to a sixth term, 434 new Democrats were added in April and just 62 new Republicans; since 2016, it’s 8,026 more Democrats and 2,229 more Republicans.

* District 2, where 12-term Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-Ventnor) is retiring, April netted 215 new Democrats and 185 new Republicans.  Since the Trump election, the district has picked up 5,411 Democrats and 3,950 Republicans.

* District 5, where freshman Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-Wyckoff) is going for a second term, April brought in 220 new Democrats and 50 new Republicans.  In total since Gottheimer beat seven-term Republican Scott Garrett two years ago, the district had added 6,866 new Democrats and 2,911 new Republicans,

But in the 3rd district, where Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-Toms River) faces former Obama White House aide Andy Kim, Republicans have defied the statement trend and stayed relatively even. While the Democrats picked up nine and the GOP lost 139 in April, since November 2016 the district has added 3,817 Democrats and 3,715 Republicans.

Republicans have gained strength in the 4th district, the home of 19-term Rep. Chris Smith (R-Hamilton).  Republicans added 378 new voters in April, compared to 329 for the Democrats; since 2016, the GOP has picked up 7,225 and the Democrats have gained 5,086.  This is the only district in New Jersey where Republicans have outpaced Democrats.

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