Smith wins

Rep. Chris Smith was reelected by a wide margin to a seat he’s held since 1981, closing the door on a seat Democrats had hoped to pick up this year. Smith, New Jersey’s longest-sitting congressman, defeated Democrat Josh Welle by 13 points in what is perhaps the most safely-Republican district in the state. Smith secured 156,271 votes to. Welle got 119,394. Because of the district’s lines, which heavily favor Republican

Murphy slaps Hugin rain comments

Gov. Phil Murphy didn’t appreciate Bob Hugin’s comments suggesting today’s rain would keep Democratic voters at home. “I saw somebody on the other side say he hopes it rains. I mean, come on, man,” Murphy said after voting in Red Bank Tuesday morning. “We can't be afraid of rain. This is the 21st century, this is the United States of America. We got to get everybody, regardless of their party,