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Gov. Phil Murphy. Photo by Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

Group seeks to tie opponents of millionaire’s tax to Trump, Christie

New Direction NJ launches digital ad to help Murphy pass budget

By David Wildstein, June 03 2019 9:59 am

An aggressive digital ad campaign from New Direction New Jersey, the non-profit group closely tied to Gov. Phil Murphy, is looking to tie opponents of the millionaire’s tax to two of the state’s most unpopular people: President Donald Trump and former Gov. Chris Christie.

“Donald Trump and Chris Christie teamed up to give the richest of the rich the tax break of a lifetime. They said that tax breaks for the wealthy would help businesses thrive and help middle class families,” the group said in a letter obtained by the New Jersey Globe.  “They were wrong.”

The digital ad follows two new TV ads recently launched by New Direction NJ, a 501 (c)4 advocacy organization that has raised millions – including $2.5 million from the state’s largest public employee union – without identifying the source of their contributions to the so-called dark money group.

The group, led by Murphy’s campaign advisors, says that “funding the whims of the super rich won’t help residents pay for an education, housing, or healthcare. The middle class shouldn’t be forced to carry the burden while a rich minority breeze through tax season.”

“There’s no other way to put it – the system is rigged,” group wrote.

New Direction NJ maintains that tax breaks promoted by Trump and Christie “didn’t stop layoffs, make it easier for the middle class to afford property taxes, or reduce economic inequality.”

“New Jersey residents are still working long hours to make ends meet while millionaires and billionaires enjoy their extra cash,” the group says.  “Trump and Christie promised their tax cuts would help the average New Jerseyan when they knew that wasn’t true.”

In the two TV ads, Murphy acknowledges that he is among the group of New Jersey millionaires that will pay more in taxes under his proposed budget.

“Supporting the millionaire tax means putting a stop to the exploitation. The rich should pay their fair share so New Jersey can work for everyone, and the middle class can finally get a break on their property taxes,” New Direction NJ said.

Murphy has commitments from four senators and nine Assembly members – putting him far short of the votes he needs to pass his budget with 27 days to go before a
possible state government shutdown.

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  1. Christie allowed police to make an illegal arrest of an innocent state worker who he gave Norcross and Sweeney power to harass, abuse and manufacture negative stories. It was unjust

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