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Gov. Phil Murphy. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe)

First poll of Murphy’s job approvals during COVID-19 crisis coming tomorrow

Monmouth University poll will show New Jerseyans view of Murphy, Trump, Menendez and Booker

By David Wildstein, April 20 2020 2:00 pm

Monmouth University will release job approval ratings of Gov. Phil Murphy on Tuesday in what will be the first glimpse into the public’s reaction to his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Monmouth Poll, which has become the gold standard of public opinion polling in New Jersey, will also reveal job approvals for President Donald Trump and U.S. Senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker.

Murphy had a 41%-38% approval rating in a September 2019 Monmouth Poll.

Strong poll numbers after a crisis can be fleeting.

One month after Superstorm Sandy, the Monmouth Poll showed Gov. Chris Christie with a 67%-21% approval rating.  That poll followed the crisis, as opposed voters being asked during it.

Christie won re-election with 61% of the vote, but his numbers dipped to an upside-down 15%-80% in a July 2017 Monmouth Poll after being photographed on the beach while state government was shut down.

New Jerseyans gave President George W. Bush an 88%-8% approval rating in a September 2001 Quinnipiac University poll, with 90% of the state approving of the U.S. response to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

Three years later, Bush lost New Jersey by a 53%-46% margin against Democrat John Kerry.

After 9/11, Gov. Donald DiFrancesco had a 60%-14% approval rating.

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